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We have developed a global model in which real estate agents from all over the world can register and add properties; then customers can register for free and manage their own property list before buy, rent, or sell.

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We don’t charge any additional or hidden fee for Real Estate Agents. The registration for Buyers is FREE


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Users can create a FREE account, browse properties, create a LIKE list, and manage their preferred properties!


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We have more than 50000 properties available in south Florida including Miami and Fort Myers Area, Soon Dominican Republic!

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This is a platform for Real Estate Agents ready sell our listings, and also for buyers ready to buy or rent. The registration process is made separately for Agents and Buyers.


  1. Select Registration Option
  2. Made an annually registration fee for $150
  3. Once we receive your payment we will create your profile including: Full Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, City and Country, Updated Picture, Short Biography, Broker Company information and Logo.
  4. You’ll receive an email with the information about your account on the next 24hrs.
  5. After register, you have to invite all your customers to register with us for FREE selecting your Account email.
  6. Login to your new Account.


  1. Select Registration Option
  2. FREE registration
  3. Select Register Now button and enter your AGENT EMAIL.
  4. Enter your new User and Password and complete the form.
  5. Agree with the Terms and Conditions and then select Register Button.
  6. To login, select USERS LOGIN from the main menu, and enter your User and Password.
  7. Login to your new Account.

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